A farm in Cornwall has become a new icon for the UK’s food industry

A farm near the town of Gartnay in Cornwall, England, is becoming a new symbol for the food industry after a young man, who goes by the stage name Maggie, became the first person to donate a cow to his local farmers’ market.

The young man’s name is not yet officially known, but he told Business Insider he wants to be remembered for his hard work.

He has also become a symbol of what happens when farmers’ markets are open to the public, because the market is a place where people are able to share and buy produce.

Maggie’s farmer’s market was opened to the general public on Saturday and he bought a cow for the first time.

The local council have said it is a “unique opportunity” for local people to have their produce and meat displayed to the world.

Maggiys dad says ‘a bit sad’ after first cow donation Maggie has been a farmer in Gartnaay since he was four, working in the fields and making hay for his family.

But in December he was given the chance to give back to the community by donating his first cow, named Maggie.

Maggies father, Andrew, said he has had to take time off work to be with his family and support his family, and he is now struggling to cope with the shock of the decision.

Andrew said he wanted to give his son some happiness but he is “a bit saddened” when he hears of the death of a cow.

“He is an absolute fighter and he really is going to miss that,” he said.

“We are hoping that we can be able to give Maggie a permanent home.”

Andrew, who runs a family business in Gandy, Cornwall, said that while he is not sure when Maggie will get his first animal, he knows that it will be something special.

“It’s a bit sad when we think of that first day of his life, he will be so proud of that,” Andrew said.

Maggois dad hopes to keep going in his role Maggys dad said he is hoping that his role as a farmer and a father will allow him to keep on farming.

“I am going to do the same things that I have been doing and that he has been doing for the last 20 years,” he told the newspaper.

“The biggest thing is just to keep doing the same thing and hopefully we can do it together.”

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