Aurora Farms: USDA’s Shelby Farms to Close by March 2018

The Aurora Farms farm near Shelby, Missouri, will close by March 12, according to the USDA.

The closure comes as USDA prepares to make major changes to the way the agency manages farm animal operations. 

According to the Farm Bureau, the Aurora Farms contract was approved by the USDA’s farm animal inspectors and is subject to an inspection. 

“The Aurora Farms will be closed by March 15, 2019,” the farm’s website states.

“Due to the changes to USDA’s regulations for animal operation in 2019, this closure will not occur until the final inspection is completed.”

According to Farm Bureau President Mike Graziano, the farm was able to secure the USDA contract to handle its operations as a result of a USDA inspector review of the farm.

Graziani also said the USDA inspector’s final report on the farm “will provide us with more information regarding our future operations.”

“I’m happy to report that Aurora Farms has achieved our long-term goal of closing the farm by March 2019,” Grazini said in a statement. 

The USDA said the closure will result in an overall reduction in animals and greenhouse greenhouse gas emissions. 

At the time of the announcement, the USDA said it was concerned that a shutdown would put the farm at risk of being closed by another inspector, which would increase the risk of a shutdown occurring again. 

Aurora farms are in the small town of Shelby, about 75 miles (113 kilometers) north of Ferguson, Missouri. 

In a press release, the Farm Service Agency, which administers the USDA program, said the shutdown was the result of “new regulations that were put in place by the new USDA administrator, John Koskinen.” 

The agency said the new regulations will “reduce the time that a farm will have to complete inspections and increase the number of inspections a farm can complete on a regular basis.” 

Farmers are already facing increased scrutiny and fines from the USDA over their animal operation practices. 

Last month, the Agriculture Department fined a dairy farm in Michigan $1.5 million for a $12 million methane leak in its barn. 

This past January, the EPA fined a Colorado dairy farm $2.7 million for methane emissions that resulted in a wildfire that destroyed 2,500 acres of land. 

As of September, the agency had fined 2,851 farms, including the Aurora Farm, for methane and other pollutants that were emitted during the construction of their farms. 

On Sunday, the Humane Society of the United States filed a lawsuit against the USDA on behalf of five Aurora Farms workers who work at the farm, arguing that the USDA failed to properly inspect the farm in its oversight of animal operations at the time. 

Shelby Farms is the third largest farm in Missouri.

It produces dairy products for the meatpacking industry, according the USDA, which says it employs over 3,200 people.

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