Farmers push back against USDA ‘pilot’ for soybeans

Farmers push out a USDA program aimed at helping farmers save money on soybeans by switching to a less-polluting alternative that also offers protection against the herbicide Roundup.

The farmers say the program is unfair to farmers and unfairly penalizes the farmers.

The farm subsidies program was part of the Agricultural Marketing Service, which was created by President George W. Bush in 2001.

The USDA was set up to help farmers who sell their crops to the big agricultural companies.

The Farm Bill passed the House of Representatives in 2005, and the Senate approved the bill in 2007.

The House passed the bill again in 2013, but the Senate failed to pass it.

The Agriculture Department had hoped to put the program in place by 2019.

It had to wait until the new Congress took office, which took office Jan. 20.

The new Congress is now set to take office next week.

The White House has argued that the program, known as Farm Bill II, is needed to help consumers.

But farmers say it is a waste of money and a threat to their livelihoods.

The program is being used to help a handful of large corporations, including Syngenta, Monsanto, Bayer, DuPont and Dow AgroSciences, to save money, according to a study by the Center for Food Safety and Consumers Union, a consumer advocacy group.

Monsanto says it is making strides in reducing its use of glyphosate, a herbicide approved by the Environmental Protection Agency to fight weeds.

It has already reduced the use of the chemical by more than 90 percent in the United States, according a statement from the company.

The companies say they are reducing the use in their supply chains by 20 percent, and they have also eliminated the use that is toxic to aquatic life.

The study did not examine the impact of the program on other crops.

The Agricultural Marketing Services has said it will work with farmers to make changes that will help them make decisions about the use and sale of their crops.

It also said it would work with the agribusiness companies to find ways to make the program more sustainable.

The programs goal is to help small farmers to reduce their use of chemicals, but not to encourage farmers to use them as a source of revenue.

The groups has called on the USDA to take steps to increase the transparency of the programs work.

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