Farming in rural Australia: Annie Farmer’s home is ‘an island of hope’

Farmers in rural New South Wales are celebrating their “win” as they take advantage of the state’s new regional drought emergency.

The Northern Territory also experienced a severe dry spell and farmers have been busy replanting, watering and watering again.

The NT was declared “exceptional” by the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) in March, with the drought emergency in place for an extra three months.

Farmers in the region are encouraged to apply for the drought relief package and are encouraged by the BoM to do so.

But in the Northern Territory, where drought has been around for more than 40 years, many are waiting for a better response from the government.

It was not immediately clear how many farmers in the NT had applied for the package.

The drought package was first announced in December last year, with about 10,000 farmers applying.

A drought declaration is issued every three months and the drought package is meant to help farmers who are struggling.

In 2017-18, the Northern Australia Government released a forecast of drought conditions in 2017-19, which has been revised upwards to around 20 per cent.

“It’s been an amazing year for farmers, but this drought is not over yet,” Northern Territory Agriculture Minister Steven Miles said.

The Northern Australia Drought Relief Program (NDRP) was created in 2014. “

The Northern Territory is an island of Hope in this drought and we’re going to continue to work with the BoC to get the best drought relief packages possible for farmers.”

The Northern Australia Drought Relief Program (NDRP) was created in 2014.

It is designed to help provide assistance to farmers in drought-hit areas.

The NDRP has two components: one for farmers in regions that are in drought and one for all other areas.

This includes areas that are not in drought, but that are experiencing significant rainfall or have severe drought conditions.

It also includes those areas where a regional water shortage has resulted in large-scale farming.

Farmers are encouraged and encouraged to work through the NDRP application process to find out if their area qualifies for the NDRP.

Farmers may be eligible to apply through the National Drought Assistance Program (NDAAP) if they have not applied to the NDRS program previously.

The National Droughts Relief Program was set up to provide assistance in the wake of the drought, with a goal of providing $5 billion to farmers across the Northern Hemisphere by 2020.

Agriculture Minister Steve Miles said that the Northern Territories had been a good example of a regional country that has been very helpful in the face of drought and the NDRRP.

“There are some areas of Australia that have been particularly good, but we know we’ve got some areas that we haven’t got the funding for,” he said.

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