How the Oregon marijuana industry will be affected by Oregon’s legalization

Oregon’s marijuana legalization is set to begin on January 1, but there’s still some uncertainty about the state’s new legal pot economy.

The Oregon Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection says the marijuana industry is expected to employ up to 5,000 people in Oregon by the end of 2019.

That would be a lot of people working for a company that makes no money.

“It’s going to be a really challenging time for growers and processors,” says David DeBruin, the chief economist for the Oregon Department for Agriculture and Economic Development.

Oregon’s cannabis industry is poised to be the largest in the nation, but the government is still developing its guidelines for how businesses will be allowed to operate in the new legal system.

The state is also grappling with the impact of a new crop of invasive species and a new tax on the industry.

In Oregon, businesses must be licensed by the state, and they can only grow up to six plants.

That limit will only apply to indoor growing.

The new law, though, could allow some growers to grow up a whopping 20 plants.

For Oregonians who live in counties where recreational marijuana is legal, the new law will give them more options.

For the first time, people living in rural areas will be able to grow marijuana outdoors, under the watchful eye of local police and regulators.

Those who want to grow pot in cities, where it will be illegal, can only do so in designated growing areas.

But for some, that option will leave them with fewer options.

“I don’t know if I can afford to get out of my home and not have a grow,” says Mark Brown, a former owner of a local marijuana dispensary in Portland.

“I don to be able [to grow] in the county that I live in.”

Some residents are worried that the new regulations will lead to higher prices for Oregonians.

For growers and customers, that means higher prices.

But for businesses, that could mean lower prices.

Some growers, like Joe Stauffer, who grew marijuana in Bend, say they won’t be able forgo growing for a little while.

“You can’t grow marijuana in a lot if you want to keep the market going,” he says.

“But for the growers, they have to be really careful.”

In other states, including Washington, marijuana grows are already regulated in some way, with growers paid to cultivate the plants.

But Oregon has only one licensed grower, and it’s still not regulated by the federal government.

Oregon Gov.

Kate Brown has proposed allowing recreational marijuana growers to operate without a license.

In addition, the Oregon Cannabis Industry Association (OCIA), which represents Oregon’s businesses, has called for legalization to be legalized on a statewide basis, as is Nevada, Washington, Colorado and Alaska.

The OCA also says the Oregon cannabis industry could benefit from the legalization of recreational marijuana in other states.

“We think there are a lot more opportunities for growers in the recreational marijuana industry than there are in the legal marijuana industry,” says OCA President Scott Smith.

“There are more people in the world who would like to buy marijuana,” he added.

“So I think if there’s a real opportunity for the legal industry, I think that would be good for the market.”

There are also some worries about the impact on small businesses.

In many areas of Oregon, where marijuana is already legal, there are already local marijuana shops that sell small amounts of marijuana.

But in some places, like Beaverton, a city of about 700, the local stores are just getting started.

For now, the town has only a few storefronts.

“That’s a big deal,” says Beaverton resident John Anderson.

“They’re opening up shop in our town and it will probably take a while.”

There is one small pot shop in Beaverton that’s hoping to become a local hub, but it’s not set up to sell recreational marijuana.

“They’ve got a very small amount of customers,” says owner Tom Williams.

“And we don’t really have a lot going on.”

“I think the state of Oregon is doing a very good job with the regulations, and I’m just glad to see them move forward,” he adds.

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