How to avoid an embarrassing dinner at the farmers’ dog bar

Farmers are becoming a lot more cautious about letting their dogs sit at their tables at restaurants.

That could spell trouble for some people who have recently ordered food at their local dog-friendly bar.

Politico’s Dave Weigel reports that restaurants are beginning to notice some dogs are beginning show up at their booths instead of the bar, and it’s causing some people to question the need for such a place.

Weigel points to a recent example at a dog-loving New York City bar, where a man decided to give a young girl a puppy to keep.

When the dog, a black Labrador Retriever named Boudoir, sat at a table next to her, some of the people sitting around her started looking at the puppy, and they weren’t impressed.

The man later told The Associated Press he’s had more than 40 customers leave the bar with complaints about their dogs at the restaurant.

“I’ve had dogs walk over to the table,” the man told The AP.

“It’s not the same, it’s just a different look.”

The Associated the dog-centric establishment, Dog Bar in Brooklyn, is one of several places in the country that have taken a cue from Dog Dog, the dog bar in Las Vegas that has been in business since 2008.

Owner John Cappadocia has seen his bar become a little more relaxed with the arrival of the puppies.

“The customers have grown, and there are more of them, but it’s a lot of people,” Cappacos said.

“They like to hang out at the bar.

There are people who want to sit down and talk to their friends and they’re not looking for a big group, and we just had a dog walk over, and he came back.”

The owner said the change was more of a change in attitude and not necessarily a change of policy.

Cappachos said his bar has grown from 100 patrons to 400.

He said he sees an uptick in new customers and is happy to see that the bar is seeing more people who don’t want to be bothered.

“We’re definitely going to keep doing it.

It’s just more polite,” he said.

While some may feel they’re taking a step back from the restaurant, he said he feels more comfortable letting his patrons sit at the table when he feels like it.

“For me, I’m not worried about people walking by,” he explained.

“At the end of the day, I love my customers.

And if they’re there, great, but at the end, we’re not the reason why people come to the bar.”

And while some people are complaining about the change, Cappahos said he’s not worried.

“If they are uncomfortable with it, I’ll give them the option to walk over,” he added.

“And if they choose not to walk, I’d just be happy to let them stay.”

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