How to grow apples on a lyndst farm

By Alexei StankovIn the autumn of 2014, a couple from New Zealand, Michael and Annabelle, bought an old-fashioned apple farm and turned it into a cider distillery.

As the name suggests, the distillery is a small cider house on a farm in the South Island of New Zealand.

A family friend and former apple farmer, Michael also founded the family’s own cider brand.

Michael is now in his 70s, and his family has been working at the distilleries for over 50 years.

In addition to his work as a cider-maker, Michael has a very interesting story.

He’s the founder of a company called Lyndst Farm, a company that specializes in growing apples in a family farm. 

“There are two things I would like to tell you about Lynd Staggers,” Michael said.

“The first is, the second one is, ‘Don’t believe all of this nonsense.'”

The second is, he told me, that the whole experience was a complete waste of time.

“It’s not really that it was any good.

It wasn’t worth it, and I would do it again.”

It’s not the first time Michael has shared this kind of advice.

He told me that, during the 1980s, when he was working as a farmer, he would visit his parents’ farm to help with harvest.

He said he would bring apples to them to pick and that they would then sell them to the supermarkets for about 30 cents each. 

The next year, he was asked by his parents to help harvest the apples.

Michael told me they were about 8 to 10 years old, but that the apples were very young. 

When he arrived at the farm, Michael says his parents were not happy with him.

They told him that they were not buying the apples for their own consumption.

They were only giving him money so he could buy apples.

He says that was the last straw. 

Michael, now 70 years old and married with three kids, says that the first apple he bought at the Lynds Farm farm was the only one he bought.

The second was the first one he ever picked.

He was so hungry that he picked all of the apple apples in the store.

He would go to the supermarket and buy them from the shelves, and then he would eat the whole batch. 

During his career as a small farmer, the most challenging part was not knowing how to properly pick the apples, so he would learn how to make his own cider. 

One of the first things he learned was how to boil the apples before they were harvested. 

“[The] only thing I could do, was just boil them, because they would be rotten,” Michael told me.

“And then I would cook them in my home oven, and they would last me forever. 

Then I learned how to use a fire and how to cook it well.” 

During the summer of 2017, Michael told The Australian that he bought a brand of cider called Lyrd Farm’s Harvest Cider. 

As you can see in the picture above, the cider is labeled as being made from 100% pure cane juice, which is what Michael says is most important for the cider to be good.

Michael says that he and his wife had to do the hard work of buying the ingredients and cooking them.

“They would take six months to make 100% cider,” he said. 

A few weeks later, Michael decided to stop selling the cider.

He tells me that he never thought the experience would change anything.

“I don’t think any of us expected to make such a huge change.

I think we expected the cider would just go away,” Michael says. 

But he says that after the cider had sold, the market changed.

“Now it’s not like we can just keep on producing it,” Michael tells me.

“We have to get a bigger market, or we are going to go out of business.” 

He tells me he never expected to see the demand for cider rise so high.

“People just started buying more apples, and people started buying bigger quantities,” Michael recalls. 

Since then, he says, the demand has remained stable, and he believes that it is going to stay that way. 

I asked Michael what he thinks the future will hold for cider.

“If you ask me, the future is just going to be cider,” Michael replied.

“Cider is very special, but there is no question that the demand is going up. 

That’s my prediction.

And, if you ask the question, ‘How can I become a cider maker?’, the answer is you don’t have to become a cobbler or a farmer to become an apple farmer.

You just need to start growing apples.” 

As I mentioned earlier, Michael’s story was shared by many people on the internet.

He has been contacted by people who say he is a great guy, and that he

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