‘It’s Time to End Animal Farms’: What You Need to Know

Animals are dying, the environment is being polluted, and the meat industry is destroying the planet.

It’s time to end animal farms.

Here’s what you need to know about the controversial meat industry and the cruel treatment of animals.

Animal farm: The word “abattoir” has a bad connotationAnimal agriculture has been around for thousands of years, and it has been a part of many cultures, from hunter-gatherer cultures to Roman and Greek cultures.

It has been in the news for many years now.

But the term “abottom” is used as a catch-all for any factory farm, where animals are raised for meat.

It is used to refer to a farm where animals have their throats cut, their hearts broken, and their eyes gouged out.

It refers to farms that slaughter cows and sheep and then slaughter calves.

It has been used to describe many farm-like facilities, including some that operate as small slaughterhouses.

In the United States, the Animal Enterprise Protection Act prohibits animal farming, but not all states and localities have laws in place to do the same.

For example, California has a statute that prohibits animal farms and slaughterhouses from operating.

It does not mention any specific animals or the methods they use to slaughter them.

So the phrase “animal farm” doesn’t apply to most of the facilities, and those that do are not required to use it.

So what does that mean?

Well, it means that the meat you buy is from a facility that doesn’t use the term animal farm in its marketing.

So if you go to a store that sells chicken or beef or pork, for example, you might be buying meat from a factory farm.

However, if you buy it from a local butcher shop, you are not buying meat produced in a factory.

What does that say about the industry?

It is a horrible, horrible industry.

There are animal cruelty laws that apply to every aspect of the meat supply chain.

But many people, particularly animal rights advocates, don’t see that.

The word “animal” has connotations of brutality, abuse, and killingThe word animal has come to be associated with cruelty to animals, which is why people use it to describe any factory-farmed operation.

And it has the connotation of killing animals.

Animal agriculture has come under scrutiny from both government agencies and activists in recent years.

A few years ago, the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) published an investigation into the use of the word “animals” in the United Kingdom and Europe.

The investigation found that the use “animation” and “chicken” to describe slaughtering animals is not only inaccurate, but also creates a stigma around the industry.

It’s also important to understand that “animated” doesn.t refer to the animal’s actions, but rather its mind.

Animals are not animals just like you and I.

Animals have personalities, too, and they may be intelligent and compassionate.

If an animal is trained to eat a certain food, it will often eat that food and behave in a certain way.

For example, dogs can be trained to bite people.

If they are trained to play fetch, they can even do it.

If animals have the ability to read, they will often find things that are in a particular spot and move around to find it.

And there are many examples of animals that are able to communicate, even with people.

For animals to be considered sentient beings, they must be able to think for themselves and to feel emotions.

So when someone says “animal,” they are actually saying that they are able think for their own self and to understand other people.

It isn’t an abstraction.

Animal agriculture, in other words, has a very different definition of what it means to be an animal.

It comes from an animal welfare perspective, where it is an industry that abuses and abuses animals.

This is the case for slaughterhouses, too.

The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization says that most meat produced for human consumption is raised without using any antibiotics, hormones, or other chemical fertilizers, and in many cases, is farmed without antibiotics.

It also says that many animals are slaughtered without adequate water and sanitation, and that many feedlots lack clean water and fresh air.

Some people also use the word to describe farms that have a captive-bred stock that are raised in small cages.

There is some evidence that this can cause health problems.

But these animals are not the kind of animals we think of when we think about the term farm.

As for slaughterhouse animals, they are farmed in confined spaces, often for their lives.

That means they live in cramped, filthy, and cold conditions.

Many are confined in small, windowless sheds that can be more than two meters (yards) in diameter, or even more.

They also live in filthy, unsanitary conditions and have little access to fresh air and fresh food.

Many suffer from

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