Kiwi farms are getting new equipment for winter

DANNY FARMS, Ireland – There is a buzz around the tiny farming town of Danny Farm in County Antrim where new equipment has been ordered by the local council.

The company behind the farm equipment says it has been working with the local government to secure funding for a new tractor and new irrigation system for the next winter.

The tractor and irrigation system will be the mainstay of the Danny farm during the winter season.

It has been designed by a company called Millington.

It was designed by an Irish company called Paddy Cottam and it has had the support of the local community.

The farm has been the subject of a number of social media campaigns over the last few years, with people from all walks of life expressing their excitement at the new equipment.

“We were told by the people who worked with us that this was the future for our community, and it is,” said Kian McDonagh from the Danney Farmers Association.

The new tractor is part of the new Millingtons ‘Winter Farm and Aquaponics’ campaign.

The team has designed it to help farmers cope with the harsh winter weather, and they are hoping to be able to deliver their first harvest in the coming months.

“They are very proud of the project,” said McDonaghan.

“The team are very dedicated to the project and they want to do it right.”

Farmers have been working on the project for over five years and the new tractor will be used by farmers to harvest their crops in the fall and winter.

Farmers are not the only ones involved with the project.

The irrigation system is also being put in place for the new season.

The work is being done by the Danys Agricultural Products Company and the local residents of Dany have been part of an advisory committee which includes people from the local local community and other local businesses.

It is also hoped the irrigation system and tractor will help farmers grow their own food.

“It will make our farms grow,” said Karen McDonah from the Community Association.

“We will be able, we are just hoping to have a little bit of food in the fridge for a couple of weeks.”

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