Maple leaf farms to close after three decades

New York’s Maple Leaf Farms, a beloved family-run farm that was the focus of the documentary film Maple Leaf: The Untold Story, will close its doors after more than three decades.

The Maple Leaf farm in Queens, New York, is one of the oldest farms in the US, founded in 1899 by the Rev. Frank McDonough and his family.

It was closed in April 2017 and replaced by a larger facility in Brooklyn, which was also closed.

The farm closed its doors in April, with the closure followed by a six-month reopening process that was met with great fanfare.

But after the new facilities were completed, Maple Leaf was left with a long list of questions about how it was run, and the future of its farm.

“We’ve been able to make a lot of progress in the past three years,” said the farm’s owner, Diane McDonaughey.

“As a family, we have seen some incredible things happen with the development of our farm, and I am so grateful for that.”‘

We just wanted to be a farm’The farm had its start in 1903 when McDonaugh opened his first farmhouse at 2 King Street in New York City.

“Frank and his wife, Evelyn, were looking for a place to start a family,” said McDonogh, who said they had their first child in 1894.

“They wanted to buy a farm and make it their own,” he added.

“The farm, with its beautiful old buildings, was not a place that could have been purchased at that time.

We just wanted a place where our family could live together.””

It was a family farm,” he said.

“It was all the things that we grew up on, everything we grew out of.”‘

A really happy place to live’In 1905, McDonagh opened the first dairy farm in New Jersey, and he sold it to his sister, Helen, in 1926.

In 1928, he sold the farm to his mother, Dorothy, and it became McDona-Gibbons Dairy.

“At that time, a lot was going on,” McDonaghan said.

“So much so that the farm had been sold to a family friend who was buying it at a good price.”

McDonagh had bought the farm from his father in 1914 and started making milk on the premises, which he had renamed McDonagoes.

In 1930, McDONAHS Dairy became the first family farm in the state of New Jersey.

It was McDonah’s mother, Helen McDonauns, who was responsible for making the milk and making sure it was free of artificial colours, additives and preservatives.

“She was always the one who got on with the machinery,” McDONAH said.

McDONAYES Milk became a staple in the farm and the family grew in the years that followed.

“When I was growing up, we always had a lot to look forward to,” Mc DONAH said.

But by the 1950s, Mc DONAYS milk production had become a problem.

“I remember one day, I was cleaning out the barn,” he recalled.

I remember it so well. “

So that’s what I remember.

I remember it so well.

I had this very hard time with that.”

In 1953, Mc Donagh sold the dairy to a man named Arthur Gorman, who would go on to run his own dairy farm.

Mc DONAHLES Milk was sold to another family in 1955 and it was McDONAGS Milk that became a family business.

“It has been a long, long, interesting road for us,” Mc Donahes said.

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