NHL owners will meet next week to discuss next step for Trump farm

The National Hockey League owners will next week meet to discuss how they will respond to the President’s recent announcement that he plans to move the team to the state of California.

The meeting is scheduled for Thursday in the New York City borough of Manhattan.

“The owners have made it clear that they will not be sitting on their hands,” NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said in a statement.

“They have stated that they plan to negotiate a new lease agreement with the NHL, and if that does not happen, the NHL is prepared to negotiate new and better terms.”

Bettman also said he expects that a team will be announced by the end of next week.

“We have not been given a timeline for that, but we will certainly make a decision on it next week,” Bettman added.

The NHL had previously announced that the league would move the franchise to Los Angeles in 2021.

Trump on Wednesday said the league was “under financial duress” and that he was considering leaving.

The president’s decision, which he said was based on the “worst business practices” of the league and its owners, sparked outrage from hockey fans and prompted a fierce backlash from the league.

Trump has repeatedly said the decision would have dire financial consequences.

The NBA, which had not made a decision, is the league’s largest commercial and television rights holder, and Bettman has said the NHL has the right to negotiate its own terms.

The league is not the only sports league in crisis.

Major League Baseball’s season is now over and the NFL has announced it is ending its season, too.

Trump’s announcement comes as many in the sports world are still reeling from the political fallout that followed a tumultuous election campaign.

Trump tweeted on Thursday that the NFL was a “mess” and the league is “a disaster” and had “lost everything.”

Battling the President in the news cycle and the aftermath of the election has also led to some players taking a softer stance on the Trump administration.

Bettmen also reiterated his commitment to keeping the Los Angeles Lakers and the New Jersey Devils in their current cities, even as the NFL is considering a move to Las Vegas.

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