Peppers are the biggest culprit in farm deaths

Farm Aid 2020 says that peppers are the “biggest contributor to crop death in the world”, with more than half of all farm deaths in the Americas due to peppers.

The organisation released its report on Wednesday, which comes as the US and China begin their annual “Pegasus Challenge” campaign, which will see a fleet of commercial cargo planes flying to markets and marketshare areas in the US.

While the report does not look at the cause of the deaths, it highlights that there are more than 6 million farmers in the USA who are at risk from diseases such as rotavirus, anthrax and salmonella.

And it highlights the fact that more than 2,000 farmers have died in the last two years due to illnesses from pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides.

In the US, more than 1,200 farmers have lost their lives due to crop diseases in the past decade, according to the report.

Pepper, lettuce, corn and soybean, or “crop”, is the largest agricultural crop in the United States.

But it is the most vulnerable to diseases.

The report says that crop diseases are responsible for at least half of the world’s crop deaths.

The US is the leading producer of crop disease-resistant crops, but it accounts for just 1.2% of global crop production.

“Pepper was responsible for 3.6 million deaths worldwide, or almost 3% of all crop deaths,” the report said.

The biggest causes of crop death are crop pests, insects, disease-carrying animals and weeds.

In total, there are about 11 million crop deaths worldwide every year.

Peppers account for nearly two-thirds of the crops that farmers and farmers’ markets kill each year.

They are also the leading crop in China, where nearly 1 million farmers have their crops killed each year, the report says.

China, India and South Africa have been among the worst countries in terms of crop deaths, with nearly 4 million farmers losing their lives in 2015.

“The world is facing a global crop crisis, which threatens the health of farmers and their communities and creates enormous financial and environmental risks,” said the report, which was co-authored by the USDA, the World Bank and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation.

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