The alien ant farm that’s really just a bunch of creepy pictures

“What are you doing?”

That was the question I was asking the woman sitting across from me as she read out a list of “Alien Ant Farm” locations that included a few that were “too scary to be real.”

The photos were clearly taken by a team of “aliens” from the film “Alien” in a field outside of New York City.

We’ve never been to this farm before, but we’re not the only ones with questions.

“We’re all here to make this farm,” the person behind the computer told us.

“This is the closest we’ve come to alien life.”

The woman explained that the farm was not “natural” as it was constructed in the “space age,” which she said was a long time ago.

“It was built on a desert planet that wasn’t as habitable as it is today,” she said.

“And then the aliens came in and brought the world with them.

So, it’s not that we’re going to go in and create life on this planet.”

“There’s no aliens here,” she continued.

“There are no aliens.

There’s no animals.

It’s just the people of Earth.”

She also claimed that the “alient” in the photos was actually a “real” alien, but that it was a “very, very small alien” with a very small head.

She explained that there was no sign of “real life” on the farm, and that the real “alien” was just a series of pictures that the people were taking of their farm.

“They’re all taking pictures of the farm,” she explained.

“All of them are taking pictures.”

She then explained that these images were taken using a “projector,” which is “an artificial light source that is designed to illuminate the entire scene.

The camera then captures the entire picture in one shot.”

She added that the photos were “created with an exacting set of parameters.”

“The only way you can make something that is like that, that’s the only way that we can make a movie,” she concluded.

“You can’t make something like that with the light coming from a small telescope.”

The farm was described as being “too alien” for most people to be able to understand the “real story” behind it.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” one of the people on the phone explained.

She said that the farmer “wouldn’t let anyone in.”

“They would just lock the door behind them,” another woman on the line explained.

The woman who answered the phone claimed that this was not true.

“She’s an alien, she’s not a human, she doesn’t have a human body,” she stated.

“So, they wouldn’t let us in.

They’re not allowed in.”

The person who answered said that she had tried to contact the farm’s owner and that she didn’t have any information to give.

The farm is now a museum, but there are still many questions about this farm and its origins.

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