The Truth About Vertical Farming

A reader’s tip from a farmer in the rural state of Karnataka, which is witnessing a significant rise in vertical farming: The truth is, there’s nothing wrong with it.

The vertical farm is just another form of agriculture that’s popular because it’s cheap.

And this is the way that rural people are going about their daily lives.

This is a common view across India, says Vinod Kannan, an agricultural economist at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore.

“There are certain situations where farmers are getting too much attention.

They’re not getting enough attention for the farm’s performance,” he says.

In fact, Kannen says, it’s a problem that has been plaguing the Indian landscape for more than a decade.

“In Karnataka there are about 100 farmers who are using vertical farming.

But this number has increased to 500, so that’s a massive increase,” he adds.

Vertical farming in the Indian context The vertical farming trend is gaining popularity in the country.

The Karnataka government, for instance, is setting up its first vertical farm, to be built by the Agricultural Development Corporation of India (ADCI) and the State Farm Administration of Karnal.

And it’s also set to open a similar farm in the state of Tamil Nadu in the next three years.

Kannans farm in Karnataka.

Photo: AP The Karnas vertical farming programme is being funded by the state’s agriculture department, which wants to expand its vertical farming operations.

But there’s a major obstacle in the way: There’s not enough space in rural areas.

The government has already started building the first three-acre (3ha) vertical farm in Kannataka’s Mangaluru district, but it is yet to receive clearance for a fourth, which will be built on the site of a farm used for other purposes.

The ADCI is hoping to open up the first four-acre farm by the end of the year, but the land is not yet ready.

“We have to build a farm in a short space of time.

So it is not easy to get the land.

There is a lot of work and work is taking place but it has been a challenge,” says Kannas agriculture department secretary, N. Chandrababu Naidu.

Naidus family, meanwhile, has also started farming vertical farms.

He says that when they started their first farm in 2009, they started with 10 acres (3 hectares) of land.

They were able to harvest their first crop in just a year, and are now building a second farm.

N. and S. Nareddy, who own a farm near Mangalururu, are working towards building a third farm.

Photo from the Mangalurus farm.

They are also working on a fourth farm, which they plan to start this year.

“Vertical farming is an option that can help rural people, who don’t have access to land,” Nareddys son Suresh says.

But Naidudys family has been faced with the difficulties of finding suitable land for a farm.

“Our main source of income is our small family, and we have to buy land from people who sell the land,” says Naidi, who has a bachelor’s degree in agricultural engineering from University of Hyderabad and a master’s degree from IIT-Delhi.

Nardis farm is a perfect example of how farmers in rural India can’t always afford to buy farmland.

Nadeem Nareddin is the owner of a small plot of land in Mangalures village, where he has lived his entire life.

His family is also farming a vertical farm.

His land is also in the middle of a hill, so he is forced to dig a hole on his own land.

“When we started, the land was only 8 hectares (25ha), and we had to find a farm for the plot of about 3 hectares (6ha) that we were looking at,” says the 60-year-old farmer.

He explains that his land is now almost 10 hectares (24ha) in size, and his family has already purchased land for another farm.

In the early 2000s, Nardin was working as a farmhand at a factory.

After retiring, he took up farming.

He now earns around Rs 1,500 a month from his farming activities, but he still struggles to buy the land for his farm.

He believes that the government has failed to properly support rural farmers.

“The government has given subsidies for vertical farming but not enough land to support farmers,” says a disgruntled Nard.

And the government’s inaction has put farmers in a difficult position.

Narsam Nareddar’s son, who is also a farmer, says that the issue of land acquisition has not been taken seriously by the government.

“I feel that there is a lack of transparency and transparency is not the way to run a farm,” he explains. “What is

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