‘We’re just looking to make a living’: ‘Polyface farms’ open to migrant workers

More than half of the Irish farms in the European Union are currently run by migrants, according to new research.

The Irish Times has identified nine polyface farms in Europe that are run by migrant workers.

The farm owners are looking to hire more migrant workers as their business is struggling to find the right balance between the needs of the local community and growing demand for their products, with their growing population.

One of the farms is owned by a young couple from France who are looking for new work.

Their company has been working in the region for about two years and has been growing rapidly.

They say they are looking at increasing the number of staff by 1,000 people and opening two more farms, one in France and another in the UK, to cater for growing demand.

“We are just looking for people who have some knowledge of the farm, we have a lot of experience in the farming sector and we’re very experienced in farming,” said the man who runs the farm.

The farmer said that the migrants have come to their farm to work with them, but that they have also seen a huge amount of work being done by local people.

“The farm has always been small but it has become bigger in the past year or so, with a lot more people coming in,” he said.

“A lot of the staff are migrant, they’ve been here for a few years and they work from home and they’re not allowed to work outside the farm.”

One of them, who asked not to be named, said that they would be willing to take part in the new jobs.

“They are really nice people and they love the farm,” he added.

Polyface Farms owner has said the company will need to hire 100 more people to make up for the decline in business in the area The Irish people need to make the transition into farming, said Mr Fagan.

He added that he hoped that his business would be able to survive and flourish in the coming years.

“If we can keep up with the demand, we can survive and make it sustainable.

If we can’t, we will just have to shut down the farm down,” he told the Irish Times.

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