What happens when you combine two of the world’s largest farmers in Wyoming?

The United States, like much of the rest of the industrialized world, is now awash in grain and corn and oil.

And with the US’s food supply in flux, there’s a glut of corn and wheat, as well as soybeans and corn.

So, the US is in a bind: it’s trying to keep pace with the food needs of its aging population, while still trying to find a way to grow more crops.

To do that, it needs to keep the farmers who grow it happy.

In the US, that means making sure they’re not too much of a pain to work with.

“The problem with being an old person in the US [is] you can’t do the work,” says John Gertler, director of the US Farm Bureau’s agri-business program.

“If you’re old, you can get paid less.”

That means that a number of US farmers have been able to work for very little, and their incomes are so low that they can afford to leave the farm.

Gertlers grandfather, for example, was working for the US Department of Agriculture for 20 years and made around $3,000 per year, or about $40,000 in today’s dollars.

“He was one of the lucky ones, he didn’t need to work too much, he was able to have a decent life,” says Gertlesons son, Tom.

In 2017, Gertleres son, John, made about $2,000 a month working in a field in Montana, where he and his son grew corn, and the family got along great.

But in 2017, the family lost a lot of land to drought.

That meant they had to buy a lot more land to grow the corn.

That’s when the Gertlins started trying to work their way out of farming.

The family sold their farm in 2018, and now the family owns two farms, in Arizona and Wyoming, and a couple of small operations.

“We’re just trying to make it work,” Tom says.

“I’m trying to figure out what we can do.”

Gertelman’s father was the first to try farming out in the early 20th century.

He built a farm in Idaho in 1879, and he also built a factory in Idaho for a company called Haggler.

Both were successful.

In addition to selling Hagglers, Gannellers family also built three more factories in the mid-20th century, but one of those factories was closed in the 1960s.

But the Gannells continued to farm, and in 1971, Tom and John bought a large parcel of land on the south shore of Long Island and built a large, 100-acre farm on it.

The Gannels also bought a small farm on Long Island, which became the family farm, but they continued to grow food in the area.

Eventually, the Gellers built a more expansive farm in the small town of Humboldt, New York.

After that, they sold their small farm to a company, which built a bigger farm, which eventually led to a larger, more expansive home.

The whole family moved into the larger home, which was built in 1970.

“When we got here, the land was a little bit bigger than the farm,” says Tom.

“It’s been a big change.”

They also expanded the operations in the larger farm.

The two large farms were also built in the late 1970s, but when Tom and his wife died, the farm went bankrupt, and it’s been in foreclosure ever since.

Tom says he’s glad the Gells have stayed in the business.

“They’re a great family and they are the reason we are here,” he says.

Now, the three farms are in a state of flux.

As the US population ages, the economy is shifting toward food deserts, and as the US tries to find ways to feed the growing population, farmers are in danger of losing their livelihoods.

“Farmers are not able to make ends meet anymore,” says Sarah Wiles, who teaches food policy at the University of Montana.

“You have to get a job, and you have to pay for food.

That makes it difficult for farmers to make a living.”

It also makes it harder for the USDA to provide subsidies that would help farmers get by.

“At the same time, the amount of work you’re doing on a farm is increasing, so there’s not enough money for a lot,” says Wiles.

“That creates a lot that the government can do to help you.”

Wiles says it’s important for US farmers to have some type of protection in case they don’t make enough money, because the government doesn’t really have a lot to offer them.

“There’s not a lot you can do,” Wiles said.

“And you have no way of knowing

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