What we know about freshfield farm inspections and what you need to know about new regulations

Freshfields, the production of high-quality hay, is the backbone of the American hay industry.

They’re located in many areas of the country and are the backbone for many hay producers.

As part of a major industry transition, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced new rules that allow farmers to inspect and quarantine their hay prior to shipment to customers.

The regulations were made possible through the USDA-inspected and certified hay program, and are being rolled out throughout the country.

The program has been a success in terms of reducing the number of cases of salmonella in the United States and helping farmers avoid a shortage of fresh hay.

The new rules were announced in October, and were announced by the USDA’s Office of Field Operations.

USDA has been monitoring salmonellosis cases in the country, and has issued new regulations to address the outbreak.

The rules will apply to hay sold in the U:States that allow for freshfields to be inspected and are not certified will have the same rules as the rest of the nation, and those that allow inspections will not.

States that do not allow freshfields inspections will need to adopt new regulations that address freshfields and salmonele-related disease outbreaks, which could include requirements for quarantine, inspections, and the establishment of a quarantine station.

The regulations were also expected to require freshfields producers to test their hay, but not for salmoneles.

In addition, the regulations will require freshfarms producers to use testing to determine if their hay is safe for sale, but only for samples that meet certain criteria, such as containing at least 25 percent freshgrass hay.

Freshfields producers that do this would be able to sell their hay in states that do have new quarantine requirements.

The rules were also welcomed by the American Poultry Council, a trade group that represents nearly 200 meat processors and suppliers that sells freshmeat.

The Poultry Trade Association, a group of poultry processors, said the rules would help farmers, ranchers, and others in the agricultural sector avoid salmoneille outbreaks.

The USDA’s announcement of new regulations comes after the agency announced a new round of fresh-grains quarantine rules in April.

The agency has also expanded its program for fresh-ground farmers, and announced additional measures to prevent the spread of saliotosis.

For more information on the salmoneca outbreak, please visit:https://www.cdc.gov/factsheets/salmonella-epidemic-2012.pdf

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