What we know about the horse farms in California that are producing the most CO2 and other greenhouse gases

In California, horse farms are a booming industry.

It’s an industry that has grown from a few dozen in the 1960s to more than 400 today.

The state of California has the second-highest number of horse farms per capita in the nation after Texas, and they’re breeding more than 50,000 animals a year.

But they’re not all located in California, either.

Many of the horses are transported to other states, or even across the country, for slaughter.

The top five horse farms producing the nation’s most greenhouse gases in the past decade include: Farmhouse Horse Farm, a California company that is part of the “Mountain West Horse Farmers Association,” also known as MWHA.

The farmhouse farm, located in the rural town of Mount Hope, has been breeding horses for more than 60 years.

It has been the primary feeder for the California Department of Poultry, Livestock, and Poultry Products since 2012.

Farmhouse Farm, which has about 3,500 employees and employs more than 7,000, is a subsidiary of the Mountain West Horse Breeders Association.

The company has the largest and largest breeding operations in the United States.

Farmhouses and farms across the United Kingdom have also been breeding for decades.

Some of the farms that are the largest emit the most greenhouse gas.

Farmstead Horse Farm in Pennsylvania is the top producer in the U.S., with an average of 14.7 metric tons of CO2 a year per employee.

The U.K. has the most farms in the European Union, with more than 12,000 farms.

The largest CO2 emitters in Europe are in Germany, Belgium, Italy, France, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, and Denmark.

In 2015, Denmark had the largest CO 2 emissions per capita.

The United Kingdom’s largest farm emits less than 0.1 percent of the world’s CO 2.

But in the year 2018, the U-K.

surpassed the U,S.

as the world leader in CO 2 .

In the U.-K., the largest farm in the world, Farmstead Farm, emits about 0.06 percent of CO 2 from manure and other agricultural products.

Farmers in the UK produce more than 70 percent of their meat, poultry, and dairy products at home, and more than half of their eggs and milk, which are also produced at home.

Farm-raised beef and veal is one of the top animal feed sources in the EU.

It is also one of many U.k. producers that are making their own organic meat.

The average price of farm-raised meat in the British pound has gone up in recent years.

In 2018, farmers raised nearly 40 percent of all farm-grown beef and beef products, and 90 percent of beef and poultry products.

That’s an increase of about 15 percent from the previous year.

U.KS. farm-bred chicken is also a major source of CO and other environmental pollutants.

In 2014, the United states Department of Agriculture (USDA) began using a method known as “supermixing” to increase production of CO emissions.

This method involves injecting a mixture of chemicals called ammonium nitrate and phosphoric acid, which cause the manure to be mixed with a mix of nutrients that is produced by microbes.

These microbes then break down the manure, releasing CO and sulfur dioxide.

According to the USDA, the method has reduced emissions by about 7 percent.

This year, the USDA announced a pilot program in England, where they’ve been using this technique to reduce the emissions of CO from their livestock.

In the United Arab Emirates, the UAE Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has also been working on “super mixing,” but they’re still working on the details of the program.

The UAE’s largest poultry farm, known as UAE Chicken, also produces a large amount of manure, including over 30 percent of its meat, according to the UAE Agricultural Ministry.

The manure from the UAE’s chicken farm is also the largest source of emissions of nitrogen oxide, an extremely potent greenhouse gas that can be harmful to the ozone layer and disrupt the climate.

In 2017, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Information Technology in the UAE launched a program to reduce emissions of ammonia, an ingredient in fertilizer that can cause respiratory problems and damage the eyes.

UAE chickens are also the source of more than 40 percent to 50 percent of greenhouse gases produced in the country.

Farm to table, which produces food at home and at the farm, has also used supermixing in recent months to reduce its emissions.

It also is now making changes to how it feeds its animals, and is testing new food-grade feed, which will be available to farmers in 2018.

The most common food-based greenhouse gas emitted by farm-based farms is methane.

But other greenhouse gas emissions include carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and hydrogen sulfide.

The world’s top four meat producers, Canada, the UK, Japan, and

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