What you need to know about the Pursell Farms Pest Control System

The Pursell farms pest control system was developed to help farmers in the Kimberley reduce pest activity and protect their crops.

It is the first of its kind in the world.

It uses a combination of chemical sprays and mechanical equipment to eradicate pests on farm fields and can be used for up to two years.

The system is being tested by farmers at Pursell farm near Port Augusta.

“We’re getting some of the best results,” farmer Jason Pursell said.

“The system has been working really well.”

Pursell Farms said its technology is “completely scalable and scalable, it can be extended to other types of farms in the future”.

It also said the system had helped reduce the number of reported pest-related complaints by 75 per cent, and it was now being used in more than 150 farms.

“It’s just a really nice, easy-to-use system that you can get used to and have fun with,” Mr Pursell told the ABC.

“If you’ve got a bit of a problem, you can just walk out and you can do what you want and be able to control the problem.”

Mr Pursell and his family live on the Pursel farms south of Port Augusta, in the Kowhai National Park.

They have two goats and a sheep.

They also have a dog, but the dog is not part of the system, and the sheep is not a part of its control system.

“The only other way to do it is to spray it every night, or every morning when it’s raining and there’s no movement,” Mr Prussell said, adding that he and his wife had used the system for many years.

“But I think it’s been really helpful to have this new thing that you don’t need to be spraying every night.”

The system consists of an electric sprayer, which is a mechanical device that blows a sprayer into the air.

It is powered by an electric motor that is mounted on the back of a tractor trailer.

The truck moves a set of two wheels which are connected to the electric motor, and a hose which carries the sprayer.

“When you spray, you don [get sprayed], but when you stop, you get water sprayed on the surface of the ground, so you can control it and stop it if it becomes a problem,” Mr Jop told ABC Radio.

“There’s no moving parts, so the thing just runs and then the spray gets removed, which then allows the rest of the spray to come off.”

The tractor trailer is equipped with a spray control valve.

The sprayer is mounted to the back.

The irrigation water is directed at the top of the tractor trailer and then is directed through the top ventilator.

The process uses a mixture of water, which passes through a filter, and organic matter.

The organic matter is a mixture made up of plant debris, including leaf litter, leaves and insects.

The plant debris then enters a spray ventilating hose that carries the organic matter through the pipe.

“That water can then go into the irrigation tank,” Mr Loh said.

“This is then directed to the irrigation tanks, which are then equipped with automatic sprinklers and have sensors which allow them to see the water that’s coming in and to control it.”

Mr Prusell said his family were happy with the system.

He said they had never been sprayed by a system before.

“I think we just have a bit more experience with it,” he said.

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