When farmers say they don’t need to farm, they really do: A farmer

Posted October 09, 2018 09:56:28When farm animals need shelter, a small farm can be a refuge.

It’s a way for the animals to get the nutrition they need without having to feed themselves.

The shelter provides a safe place for the family to rest, eat and sleep, all without having access to a full-time worker.

“We don’t have to feed the animals ourselves,” said Sarah Dominguez, the president of the Prairie Farms, a nonprofit that manages the land for the organization.

“We have people that come to the shelter to get us food and water.

They bring us food.

We can feed them, we can feed the dogs, we have people coming in to get water.

We have a really good relationship with them.”

The group, which has about 30 volunteers, has a permanent shelter and has an emergency fund.

Domingez said the shelter is one of many small farms that she works with that need a place to rest and feed animals.

“Some of them are very small, and the animals can only go so far,” Domingues said.

“It’s just kind of an emergency shelter for them, and that’s something we really love about Prairie Farms.”

A shelter is also needed for animals that have lost their way.

Many of them have lost the ability to hunt, hunt, or forage.

The dogs and cats are able to feed on their own but need a safe haven to sleep and recover.

Dominguez said the group’s shelter is part of the program called Prairie Farm Adventures, which encourages animals to return to the community.

“I love to see our animals be able to return home to their family, and to be able feed and be safe,” she said.

Prairie Farms, which also offers animal adoption and veterinary care, has been running Prairie Farm Adventure for about three years, but Domingz said the program started in 2015.

The organization provides animals with food, water, shelter, and veterinary treatment.

Dombes said Prairie Farm adventures was a key factor in making the shelter permanent.

“It’s really important that the animals are able [to] come home,” she explained.

“That’s why we started this.

It really is a really important thing.”

Domingues works with a number of different groups to help provide the animals with a safe environment.

She said that sometimes she helps to find homes for animals who need homes in the community, but sometimes she’s also in charge of setting up the animals’ permanent home.

“If we get a new family, it’s really hard for us to keep them in the same place,” she joked.

“Sometimes I go in and make sure they’re home.”

Prairees has been able to keep the shelter on the property stable.

But she said it’s been tough to maintain.

“There are a lot of times, they can’t stay there,” Dombas said.

She said that while there are still animals that need to be taken care of, she’s seen some of them improve.

“You know when you’re going to get a litter, or you get a cat, and it’s like a litter and it gets picked up, and you don’t want to see it anymore, but you still want to go out and look at it?” she said, laughing.

“You want to keep it.”

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