When the ‘chicken farm’ manitowoc farm video went viral: How a little girl got to know the farm and its workers

When you think of a farm, you think about chickens and the farm.

Chickens are the symbol of the farm, but there’s a reason for that.

It’s because they have a story to tell.

The chicken farm is a very small, small community of about 25 people.

The farm itself is a small shack that has been around for about 40 years.

That’s when a little boy came up to the shack and said, ‘I want to see my dad’.

And he did.

He saw his father in the barn with a bunch of chickens.

He was wearing a pink shirt and the kids had pink shorts.

He asked if he could come to the farm to see the farm workers.

They agreed, and the little boy rode his bicycle up to where he and the boys lived.

It was the first time he’d seen his dad since he had left home.

The chickens weren’t just there for him.

He saw a lot of people from around the community come up to him and say hello.

One girl from the community had the courage to tell the boy, ‘It’s okay, we’ve got the chicken farm’.

And the boy was blown away.

He knew there was a lot going on in this community and the stories they told him were amazing.

He’d never seen anything like this before.

A video that caught the attention of YouTube has gone viral, which has led to a whole new story for the little boys story.

He grew up on the farm of his grandmother, Maggie’s Farm.

He has since been in his own little world where he loves the farm people, the people he works with, and he loves animals.

Now, the farm is open to the public and he’s got a chance to see his own family and see his grandmother.

Maggie’s farm is also one of the farms that make up the community, and it is home to a couple of animals.

It is so sad that a little child would feel like this.

Maggie has been very vocal about the importance of animal welfare.

She’s even written a book about it.

She is so passionate about her animals and about protecting the environment.

I have a big heart and a big soul and she knows that and she’s got my support, my prayers and my love, and she really is the most incredible person I’ve ever met.

It’s hard to believe that a small boy who was just a few years old, but who is a real part of our lives, would come to see a farm that has such a big impact on the people around him.

And he was blown up for that, and we really appreciate it.

He and his family now have a new lease on life, and they’ve been invited to live on the property again and are trying to make sure the farm continues to thrive.

The Farm: The Story of Maggie’s Horse Farm by Maggie’s Family is available now.

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