Which farmland claims a claim to the land of the Maggie family?

By now, the maggie family has become synonymous with farming.

They have farms in western Victoria, eastern NSW and the Northern Territory, as well as in the Sunshine Coast region.

But there are those who don’t like what they see.

They believe the Maggs are taking their rightful share of land.

The family’s land has been in the Maggies family since 1901, when the grandparents bought a small plot in the Northern Rivers in western Sydney.

The property is now owned by the family’s grandchildren.

The Maggs have been involved in agriculture for generations.

Their son Paul was a farm labourer in the Pilbara until he was 15.

Paul died in 2009, aged 83.

“He was a very kind man and a very caring man.

He was always helping people,” said Maggie’s granddaughter Emily.”

I think it was the right thing for him to do.”

Today, Paul is still involved in farming, but Emily said her grandfather was always involved in community and charitable causes.

“His whole life, he was a great believer in giving,” she said.

“And that’s something that we all have to do in life.

You can’t just be giving.

You have to give a little.”

For years, the Maggiys have been trying to get their land back.

The last time they did was in the late 1980s when the land was given to the family as part of a trust to benefit community projects.

But the Mags have had no luck.

“We’ve had several attempts to get the land back, and every time, we’ve been unsuccessful,” Emily said.”[We] went to the Land Court and we were told that we’d have to sell the land to pay back the trust.”

But now, Emily is hopeful the Maggais will get their property back.

“That’s the biggest thing for us, is that we want to give the land a new lease on life,” she told the ABC.

“It’s really been a blessing for us to have that land back in the family.”

But there’s always a chance that it could be in a better hands, and that’s why we’re fighting to get it back.

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