Why Ed Farmer’s farm is growing more weed and more weed seeds

Ed Farmer, owner of Ed Farmer Farm in Texas, said the growing trend in his farm was a natural part of his farming process.

He said it’s hard to keep weed in the soil because of all the water and fertilizers and pesticides, which makes it harder to take down and eradicate weeds.

But the weed seedlings are more susceptible to frost damage and frost damage, he said.

Farming can also be stressful, as farmers need to be ready for weather extremes, he added.

The drought in Texas has hit farmers hard.

Farmers are scrambling to get through the winter and begin the spring planting season.

Farmers who have never before had to deal with drought have become experts at handling their crops in the dry conditions.

“We’re doing all the work we need to do to plant in the best possible conditions and we’re going to have more and more water and we are going to be able to get the crops to market,” Farmer said.

A drought is the worst drought on record and it’s been blamed for more than $5 billion in damage.

Farmers in Texas are also struggling with water shortages and growing their water needs even higher.

Farmers in the state are reporting more than 400,000 people in emergency water restrictions as of Saturday, and another 4.7 million people have already been impacted by the drought.FARMERS FACE MORE THAN 100 YEARS OF LESS DEPTH AND DEPENDENCEIn recent years, there has been a steady increase in the number of farmers who grow for food.

Farmers have been growing for more years and decades.

But, the number has fallen to less than 100 years.

Farmer said that’s due to the increasing drought.

He said a lot of farmers have to move to better water sources, because they’re getting older and losing more weight.

But some farmers are still looking for a new way to grow, and he said he doesn’t think that’s going away.

He wants to grow weed seed.

And he’s not just looking at weed seed for weed seeds.

He has started growing for other crops like corn, potatoes, tomatoes and herbs.

Farmer said he’s hoping to start growing for weed seed next year.

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