Why I’m selling my North Shore farm and putting the proceeds into my retirement fund

Farmers and ranchers across the state are reeling from the death of their beloved North Shore Farms, a landmark facility on the North Shore of Oahu.

The farm, which was built in 1947, closed its doors in the late 1970s due to structural issues.

Now, it is a relic of a different era.

The farm was once the heart of the community, home to thousands of residents, many of whom worked in the fields or farmsteads.

It was home to some of the region’s best and brightest, including two-time World War II veteran Darci Lynne Farmer and her daughter, Wendy, who founded the Northshore Farms Nursery.

“I’m very happy that Darci is not here anymore,” said Wendy Farmer.

“She was a great role model for us.

We’re very proud of her.”

Farmers have been reeling from Darci’s passing for several years, as she had dementia and could no longer keep up with the demands of her work.

But the farmer, who passed away in November, was never truly retired.

In fact, Wendy Farmer said that the only time she ever saw Darci was on the farm.

She and Wendy Farmer have sold the farm and are moving forward with a new retirement.

The Farm is in dire straits, Wendy said.

“We’re going to be on our own financially and financially, financially, in the next couple of months.

I’m in the final stages of making a decision, but I have to sell the farm.”

The farm is also in need of an upgrade.

The facility, which is home to more than 100,000 square feet, is nearing the end of its lifespan.

“We have a lot of good equipment, we have good staff, but we also have a really good maintenance problem,” Wendy Farmer explained.

“The soil quality is deteriorating because the soil has been so depleted.”

She said she is working with the state Department of Land and Natural Resources to address the soil quality issue, as well as a new facility to fix the soil problems.

Wendy Farmer said she and her husband are also in the process of selling the farm, and the farm will be used to improve the health of the soil.

She said her husband is hoping to be able to open a small business, but Wendy Farmer and Darci Farmer are determined to sell their farm.

“If we’re not selling the Northside, we’re going down,” Wendy said, “so that’s our goal.”

The Farmer’s will sell the property at a price tag of $250,000.

The land, which includes more than 70,000 acres of land, will be leased to a company that will then be used for growing produce, according to Wendy Farmer, who said the Farmer’s would continue to operate the farm as a family business.

Darci Farmer was also an accomplished farmer who built a reputation as one of the top farmers in the area.

Wendy Farmer believes the Farm will become a place for farmers and rancher to come together to celebrate the past, with activities like the Northlands Wine Festival.

“People will be able take the farm to its next level,” Wendy stated.

“You can get up there and enjoy the farm on a weekend day.

You can walk through the barns and take a walk around the farmyard.

It’s a really special place to be.”

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