Why we’re still mourning the death of Bishop Dwayne Wyndham, who died of ALS

This week, Bishop Dyson Wyndam, 84, of New York’s Mount Vernon parish died of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as ALS.

It was a devastating news for the community, as Wyndams son, Mark, was diagnosed with ALS in August 2017, and the Bishop had been fighting for years to fight the disease. 

The Bishop was an accomplished musician, writer, and filmmaker.

He was also a beloved family man and longtime friend. 

Bishop Wyndaman had recently passed away, but a number of friends and family members remembered him fondly. 

On Wednesday, Bishop Wyndan, a native of the East Coast, passed away at the age of 84.

He had battled amyotrophobulbar disease, a rare neurological disorder that is characterized by a progressive weakening of muscles and nerves. 

He was survived by his wife, Barbara Wynd, sons, John Wyndum, Jr., and Peter Wyndums, and daughters-in-law Jill and Karen Wyndama. 

His family released a statement about his death, which included a message of condolence from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. 

“Bishop Dyson was a beloved member of the parish community and his passing has left a tremendous gap in the church,” the statement read.

“He was an artist, a talented musician, and a devoted father.

He loved the community he served, and will be missed.” 

Wyndam’s legacy is evident in the lives of many people. 

In 2018, he hosted a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, and in 2019, he attended the funeral of a former police officer who died after suffering a heart attack. 

Wynandam was a fixture on the town, where he would take care of his community and its needs. 

A New York Times story from the time described him as a “wonderful, generous man.” 

“He was a true champion for his community,” a local priest told the paper. 

During his life, Wyndamy lived a life of adventure, and he would often be seen with a group of friends in the woods. 

One of the greatest memories from his time as a parishioner was his visit to the West Virginia town of Westport, where the Bishop and his wife were visiting. 

At one point in the year, the Bishop told the crowd of more than 100 parishioners that he would be heading out on a hunting trip, and it was there he spotted a bear. 

After hearing of the encounter, he returned to Westport and spent the night with his friends. 

According to the story, Wyldam told his friends, “The bear was still alive.

He said he wanted to go home with me, but he had to go.” 

The next morning, Wyrdam was back on his hunting trip. 

Later that day, he met another bear.

He and his friends followed it back to the village. 

As the Bishop left, the bear chased after him.

“I said, ‘Bear, come back and I’ll catch you,’ and it didn’t come back,” Wyndamus wife, Bishop Karen Wyldum, told the New York Daily News in a 2014 interview.

“It was like it was just out of the blue.

He just disappeared.” 

After returning home, Wyngam was diagnosed as having ALS.

He struggled to walk, talk, and breathe, and eventually died in February 2019. 

Following his death in 2018, Wyntam was remembered as a beloved community figure. 

Hundreds of thousands of people attended his funeral, many with flowers and signs that read, “RIP Bishop Wyntaman.

You will be remembered forever in Westport.” 

A memorial service was held for Wyndawam on Thursday, June 17. 

Mark Wyndamp, Mark Wyndy, John and Jill Wyndamas children, Karen Wyngamus and Mark Wyntama, and Mark and Barbara Wyntham and his children, Jill and Paul Wyndmars will be with him at the service. 

Dyson Wyntawam was buried at St. Peter’s Cemetery in New York. 

Associated Press writer Ryan Reilly contributed to this report.

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